Being in God's Word

This week I slacked off reading the Bible. Boy, can I tell!

That is all behind me now. Today I got back into His glorious Word. It's amazing all this new stuff I am learning. It's not stuff that is a great big revelation but it I'm learning more about the people. Like I always thought Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister. But he didn't lie. She is his half sister. His father's daughter. Now, that stuff does not bother me because God and I came to terms with that a few years back. :) But if you told me you married your half sibling ... that would creep me out. We live in a different culture ... we have more people of non-relation to marry ... you get my point. :)

We really cannot forsake our time with Him. Trust me, I'm telling myself this more then you!

Oh Father, make me thirst for You and Your Word. May I never be satisfied with my day unless I have spent time with You. Lord, how can you direct my paths if I am not talking to You? Sweet Lord, I truly want to treasure our time together. Help me to always put You first. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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