Well, the California Achievement Tests came in today. We will do them tomorrow and if need be I might do one of the boys Friday.

I am amazed at God's peace. Last year I was a wreck. Very nervous and concerned. It was our first year taking the tests. We had, for the first two years, an umbrella school that I reported to. Now this year I feel almost like an old pro. Praise God!

David looked over his test and asked if we could do his tonight. I said no. :) I'll teach that boy yet to procrastinate! No, no, I'm teasing. I try not to do 'school' at night because that is when we hang out with Dad. Plus we have a leadership meeting/dinner tonight at church. So, we just couldn't. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. :)

This year of school has really stretched me. I give all the glory to God. He is raising me well.

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