Hanging out

I am so excited about summer. We've stopped school, at least officially. We have planned some great things to do. Our days are going to be filled with fun in the sun. I joined the summer reading program at our library. I can win some great prizes. Every week they are giving away gift cards to Barnes and Nobles, Starbucks, Red Lobster and some other places that I cannot remember. The grand prize in August is an iPod! Wouldn't that be nice?

Anyway, in all my planning I can hear the Lord saying, "Don't forget about me, don't forget about us (our relationship)". How could I, right? Easily!

I realized that this week is our first official week off school. We have been staying up late and sleeping in. What does that mean? No quiet time with God. Yes, it is sad and true, I haven't read His word at all this week. So why am I writing this post now instead of diving into the Bible? Because I felt I should confess that to y'all and to Him.

Just a few days out of the gate and I have already fell down. But this minute is a new minute. I am choosing God. We can have all the fun of summer but I need to put Him first. There should not be a break from our time together.

How about you? Have you eased into the lazy days of summer and forgotten your relationship with Him? Or are you going strong, diving deep into His Word? How's the prayer life? Are you still taking time to lay it all before Him or are you just sending up flares?

Oh precious Father, let us not forget You this summer. Let us still find rest in Your mighty hand. You are the most important relationship in our life. Without you all the BBQs, swimming and lounging around are just meaningless. Praise You Lord for this season of rest. I ask that You continue to minister to us. As the summer moves on may we see more of You. In Jesus' name, Amen.


bree said...

how true...the time gets wrapped up in the "stuff" and that time is the first to get pushed out-WHY?! my happenings too---hugs!

Sarah said...

It happens to me too. Although, for me, I do my reading at night.

My brain works better after the sun goes down :)

Terri said...

One of the things that I am looking forward as I grow in maturity with God is that I don't push Him out. :) Obviously I am not there yet.