Curriculum for the 09/10 school year

The past couple of years I have just used things here and there. This year though I wanted to make sure I had all the gaps filled in. Really buckle down. The boys and I have had some discussions about this upcoming year. I feel ready and very excited to start back up. Don't get me wrong though - I'm not wishing our summer away.

In addition to the curriculum we are going back to our co-op. Where the boys will be taking History and Science classes. So their actual at home additional History and Science may be limited to "just for fun" reading/studying. Not sure yet on that. The boys will be taking Art and Music at the co-op. In January we will send the boys to private guitar lessons.

Another study I'm adding to our school year is Health. I've chosen Alpha Omega's Switched-On Health Quest. It's one semester but we will probably stretch it out for the whole year. It is for grades 4-7. Ryan will be in 3rd but I'm confident that he will do just fine. It is a CD-Rom program so I think the boys will enjoy that.

So here is what we've chosen for our school year.

Ryan - Grade 3. We are going through Christian Liberty Press. We are going to buy the Third Grade Kit which includes:
Bible - Studying God's Word Book D
Reading - Christian Nature Reader Book 3
Reading - History Stories for Children
Reading - The Story of the Wright Brothers and Their Sister
Language Arts - Building Spelling Skills Book 3
LA- English 3 for Christian Schools (Bob Jones) or God's Gift of Language 3 (A Beka)
Handwriting - Writing with Grace
History - American Pioneers and Patriots
Math - Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level C
Science - Exploring God's Creation

Ryan will also be reading a variety of things that tickle his fancy. Probably books about animals or stories told from an animal.

David will be going into the Fifth Grade. Again we're ordering from CLP.
Bible - Studying God's Word Book F
Reading - Christian Nature Reader Book 5
Reading - Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West
Reading - Of America 1
Reading - Huguenot Garden
Language Arts - Building Spelling Skills Book 5
LA - English 5 for Christian Schools (Bob Jones) or God's Gift of Language B (A Beka)
History - Exploring American History
Geography - Maps, Globes, Graphs - Level E
Math - Modern Curriculum Press Level E
Science - Investigating God's World
Handwriting (not in kit) - Conquering Cursive Left-Handed Workbook by Write-On Handwriting. We are not ordering the computer soft-ware. Just the workbook.

Like Ryan, his reading will depend on his interests. David will probably pick out things that are sports related, specifically football.

My oldest son will be entering the Sixth Grade! Whew. Anyway, again ordering from CLP.
Bible - Studying God's Word Book G
Reading - Iron Scouts of the Confederacy
Reading - The Life of George Washington
Reading - The Story of Inventions
LA- Building Spelling Skills Book 6
LA- English 6 for Christian Schools (Bob Jones) or God's Gift of Language C (A Beka)
History - Story of the Middle Ages
Geography - Maps, Globes, Graphs - Level F
Math- Modern Curriculum Press Level F
Science - Observing God's World
Art - Line Upon Line: An Incremental Approach to Drawing
Handwriting (not in Kit) by Write-On Handwriting - Conquering Cursive Left-Hand Workbook

Matthew's choice of reading will probably stay with the History theme. He enjoys the study of wars, people and countries. He does enjoy a good mystery too.

One thing I have to mention is that with each kit a Lesson Planner is included!

This year I am doing something different. I'm taking all the books and the planners to IHOP. I am going to plan out the whole school year. The first two or three years I would just plan out the first semester. Then this last two or three years I planned one month at a time which then went to one week at a time. I can tell you that kind of planning is not good for us. At the end of each year I felt terrible about how much we had accomplished. Each boy always scored high on their CAT tests but I knew that we had jumped around or skipped things simply because I was diligent. So this year, with much prayer, God has given me the idea of this curricula. I'm going to be careful with it. I'm going to be organized and on top of my game this year. Please keep me in prayer. :)

I want to share with y'all something I find so exciting. Bo is going to make me cubby whole shelves! The shelf will go into our dinning room. I want each boy to be able to put their stuff in a spot and have spots for school supplies.

I'm also going to buy fresh school supplies like crayons, markers, and glue sticks! For the co-op we are going to get each boy a Trapper Keeper. This weekend coming up, August 7-9, is Tax Free for school stuff. So I along with a ton of other moms will be hitting the Walmart aisles. I'm excited.

Well this is our plan for this upcoming year. Have I mentioned that I am excited?


Sarah A. said...

Wow, Terri! You have a great plan! It is ambitious and well thought out. I just know God is going to bless your school year, and reward the time you have invested in planning. Lucky, lucky boys!

Terri said...

Thanks Sarah! Of course this description does not include any field trips. I feel ready and confident that I have the right plan this year. I think this is our year of filling in any gaps and making our course of action secure.

Bree said...

how wonderful!

Bree said...


Terri said...

Nope, not yet.

Bree said...

shall we go when I visit? :)

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