Random stuff ...

Okay so I just have some random thoughts running through my head. There is no value, at least that I can tell, but I will share non the less. :O)

1. The boys' first game is this Saturday. You can not believe the excitement around here. They had their Jamboree last Saturday and it was a blast. We were out on the field for 9.5, yes nine point five, hours. Yes, I have sunburn on my face, neck, ankles and even my lips. Nope I didn't wear sunblock.

2. School starts soon and no we are not ready. It's been hard to sit and focus on the placement tests for the new curriculum. I'm not letting that discourage me.

3. I'm praying that my curriculum will arrive shortly after I place my order.

4. Yep, you read that right. I haven't ordered it yet.

5. I had a freak out moment today. It's been happening a lot more lately. Bo said something that stopped me in my tracks. He truly is listening to God more then he realizes. Anyway, he said
"You know how in the Bible it says that you can't lead a church if you can't lead your home?" Me "Yeah, but what does my life have to do with church?!" I say in tears. Bo "Well, your kids are your ministry. You can not lead your children if you can not lead yourself."

6. I wrote that on a piece of paper and taped it to my bathroom mirror.

7. I am thoroughly enjoying my devotional blog with my three dearest friends. We are studying the OT prophets right now. We started at the back of the book and are working our way up. The insight these gals have is inspiring and amazing. It tickles me to see how different we are. I seem to be the one who analyzes every verse and am always saying "Oh that speaks to Christ's first coming." or " Oh I think we are given a glimpse into His return."

8. I obeyed God about something. Not ready to share just yet.

9. My kids (particularly Matthew) are really interested in this presidential election. It's been a great way to discuss God and leaders.

10. I found out just recently that David is a bit unnerved by spiders. It was cute. We were working in the garden together. When he moved a stone there was a spider. He jumped back and then yelled, while jumping on it, "Kill it! Kill it!" I told him it was just a harmless spider. He said "Oh I know. I just wanted to do it." So I dismissed it. But after the third one that he jumped on I realized that he was not to keen on them. Oh another clue was when he said "I think spiders are creepy." LOL

11. There was a hawk on my neighbor's fence the other day. It was beautiful. I didn't take a picture because I didn't want to scare it. I only have a camera on my phone. :) The next day we saw it flying around our neighborhood with some crows. The boys and I thought that was kind of odd.

12. Bo gets his Harley back this weekend. We are driving up after the boys' games. We'll camp out at Danny's, his mechanic, and will camp, cook-out, and enjoy the mountains. I'm very excited and happy for him. Dream come true.

13. I'm sitting here waiting for my BFF to call me back. It's just after 9 at night her time ... I may give her a ring back so she'll know I'm still up. Waiting.

14. I'm really excited about the Fireproof movie.

15. It's late and I should go to bed. Or call Tina.

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Maricar said...

Your blog always inspires me Terri. I love hearing how God is working in your life, how He talks to you, how He is leading you.

Being a mother is a ministry. Lead by example.

My "new" thing is to not look at housework as a job, but to see it as a way to bless my family. I may not do the best job at mopping, I may not always clean to perfection ... but whatever effort I do put forth, I do it "to bless my family." It really does make me look at housework differently now.

Take care.
See you ... soon?