Division III Mid-South CHAMPS!

That's right, we won!

13-12 Final.

I am so proud of those boys. They played their heart out. The team was given a trophy and each boy was given a cup and pin. The cup says "Mid-South Regional Champions 2008" The title is for VA, NC and SC, Alabama and Mississippi, KY, TN and WV.

I tell you what there are no parents like a KNIGHT parent. We are by far the rowdiest bunch. I love it. At one point during the last part of the fourth quarter we were all screaming DEFENCE and stomping out feet. Every play we cheered even if our team lost yards! LOL WE just love JPW football!

The team party is next Monday. Each boy will have their picture taken with the trophy. No, I don't have any photos! LOL But my close friends will be invited to take a look on the team's website. Sorry to the rest of y'all but I don't know you. :) I'm sure you understand.

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Janie said...

Congratulations to the team and the proud parents!