My mom rocked today

We are in the process of selling our house and looking for a rental. Which we found a wonderful four bedroom, two and a half bath. Beautiful colors. Totally renovated. Granite counter tops in kitchen and baths. Anyway, that is besides the point. We know we are going somewhere. So I'm packing. I don't want to be caught off guard. That is no fun. The last time we moved, it was sort of like Jon and Kate this last episode. As quickly as I was packing guys were loading it up.

Just no fun. So in my quest to be more mature in my life I have decided to be completely ready.

However helping the boys pack their rooms brings fear upon me. LOL Today my mom came over and rocked it out. She went from room to room, helping each one sort out their stuff. She had a box for each boy, a community box (in case they found stuff in their rooms that belonged to all three) and a free box that we will be freecycling.

They spent three hours. I left to view two houses and get pizza. :)

When I returned I was blessed with not just one box, not just two boxes, not just three but over 20 packed boxes! She even had a box for each boy that is housing their every day toys. Those boxes are not taped so that each kid can still access those toys.

I am very excited and encouraged to get this house done. Tonight, after I'm done with the laundry, I am going to make a list of things still needing to be done. It doesn't seem like that much now. On Wednesday she is going to come back over and finish up their rooms and help me where needed.

And to think, all this wonderful help only costs me a pot of coffee! :)


Sarah A. said...

I have moved WAY too many times in my life to not fully appreciate what you are saying. To come home and find 20! boxes packed is huge! Tell your mom I think she is wonderful! :)

bree said...

what a blessing she is!