Change in Plans

So I wrote out all my plans for this upcoming year regarding curriculum. All of July I felt really confident in the choices I made. Bo and the boys were on board. Things appeared organized and on point.

Then August hit.

Suddenly I didn't have peace about attending the co-op. I couldn't place my finger on it. I love this co-op. I love the people and the subjects. I was looking forward to this new year. However every time I thought about planning our school week there was an unsettling feeling.

So I asked the kids how they felt about going to the co-op this year. They all agreed that they did not want to go. I asked why. They said it was because they were ready for something different. That resonated with me.

So I took all this to Bo. He thought about it and agreed that we should not attend the co-op this year. He felt that by not going we could really devote more time to academics. He feels that by my teaching a class where other children (and parents) are involved it would be too distracting from our children. I have to agree. Last year I did give more time and energy to that one hour class then I did for the whole week. Not all the time but enough that I felt our year suffered some.

The boys' chief concern was that we would not be friends with our co-op pals. I assured them that was not the case. David was very relieved when one of our friends son came to his birthday party. :)

It was hard telling my friend that we would not be there this year. She was so gracious and assured me that there will always be room for our family. She encouraged me to keep listening to God for He has good plans for us.

I am at complete peace now. Today I received an email from a local museum that is offering classes and dollar days for this upcoming school year. Every year I have had to decline because we didn't have the extra money. But now with not paying for the co-op ... we have the money. :)

I've decided that this year we are going to study hard and take a lot of field trips.

We've decided to combine History, Science and Spelling. The boys and I feel in love with Sequential Spelling. So why change it? History we have decided to study the Middle Ages (again but more in depth) and Modern History. Both areas that the boys really enjoyed last year.

We are also going to study the Presidents. At least the basic facts. We're also going to dive into the Senate, Congress, basically all things related to Government.

The boys and I are going to plan a BIG weekend vacation in DC. We visited it once, at night, after my sister-in-love's wedding. But how fun would a three day trip be? Stay at a hotel, eat out every night :) Walk, walk and walk. I can't wait. What a neat goal to work for.

We've changed our math too. We're going to try Horizons.

We're going to use A Beka for LA.

Reading will be whatever goes along with interests, History, Science and so on.

PE is football for the fall. After the fall either they will pick another sport or they will take a class at the YMCA.

Winter time they are going to have guitar lessons. Which they are beyond excited!

This school year I'm also going to focus on getting Ryan into the Hip-Hop Worship Dance at our church. Matt enjoys musicals and theater so I'm going to try to get him involved in that. D is all about football so maybe this year he will venture out to something else.

So, plans change.

There is great peace!


Sarah A. said...

Terri, I know the feeling of wanting to take a break from co-op. We took a break from EVERYTHING this past year, and it was so refreshing to have time for field trips, playdates, and whatever struck our fancy.

It was also nice to be able to focus so fully on academics, and my kids really grew last year. I think you have a great plan, and I am certain that you and your family will be blessed beyond imagination.

I am particularly enthralled with your DC plans. Next time we are on the East Cost, I plan on taking the kids to DC for a tour.

Love ya!!

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