God makes me LOL

Our first day of school was Tuesday Septemeber 8. I asked God the whole weekend before to "take over" our school days. Guide me, teach me, give me insight and wisdom. Be with the boys this year as they grow and learn.

So the first day of school comes and guess what ...

Our computer crashed.

We've been "off-line" since. You know what? It's been nice.

Yesterday we came to the library because I had to check my email. I'm leading a Bible Study and hadn't been able to touch base with someone. Anyway, we all enjoyed our hour online. Then we picked out some stuff to take home.

So God is so funny. I asked Him and He certainly answered. :)


Bree said...

I agree! What our home would be like without a computer and a TV--can you imagine?! Things going well?

Bree said...

you've been quiet, friend. praying for you...a call tomorrow? hugs :)