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Recently my precious ten year old was diagnosed with ADHD.  Not really a surprise, it was actually a relief.  The condition explained so much.  As most things in life with me,  I went before the Throne is search of His peace and help with understanding, coping and explaining this to my other children.  ADHD doesn't just affect the kid with it ... oh no my friend, the whole family basically has it but that is pretty standard for anything in life.

I thanked God for the answer.  He and I immediately went to work on what was needed to be done.  Between behavior modification, discussion of medications and structure I was gaining understanding and wait for it ... discipline.  Yep, my word for 2012. God is too funny.

I am the type of person that is action based.  True, I have my moments of standing still but for the most part I take action and often struggle because I don't always wait for God.  Can anyone relate?  This was no exception.  I set up appointments for him to have a medication review, spoke with his teachers and his dad. 

My heart was broken when one appointment was going to be six weeks out.  Six weeks!  "Oh Father!" I cried.  "How could we survive for six more weeks?"  The school was frustrated, the other two boys and I were frustrated.  Simply having the answer was a short reprieve ... It is much easier to cope with something once you understand it but it was time for action.

I began praying, again and again. My prayers were on the lines like "God, please be with us today. Help son 3 not flip out today.  Help son 1 and 2 not be so critical and freak out.  Help me not to flip my lid and run away"  I felt peace simply because I was with Him but I knew that there was something different.  Something I was missing.  I was praying as if God gives us band-aids not as if He is the Healer.

One morning I was getting ready for work.  Again, praying my band-aid prayer when God spoke to me:

"Have you asked me to heal him?"

Well, of course not! 

That very moment my prayers over him changed.  Oh, he still has the appointment because I believe that God does use medication to heal us.  We have to listen to what He is asking us to do.  For an example, if I have a headache, I pray for God to touch me and if the headache doesn't go away I take an Motrin and always thank Him for the science behind it.  I don't think science is the enemy but it can be if you place it above God and His mighty, healing power.

For over three weeks I have said the same prayer over that precious little guy. 

"Father God, I praise you for son 3.  He is a true treasure and joy in my life.  You say that children are a blessing from the Lord and boy are You right.  I ask Lord that You touch his mind for you have given son 3 a sound mind.  Lord, You formed him. You picked out his hair color, his eye color.  You have picked out every place where there is a freckle.  You know how tall he will be.  You have set a path for him. You know that plans you have for him. Son 3 is fearfully and wonderfully made by Your design. I thank you Lord that You cause Son 3's enemies to be at peace with him.  Where understanding is limited bring clarity to all the teachers and students Father. Lord continue to bring unity, compassion, understanding and love between sons 1,2 and 3.  Father, I seek Your wisdom for raising this mighty warrior. You have chosen me as his mom for a reason Father.  I ask You to guide me, lead me for your word says that You gently lead those that have young.  In the Name of Jesus, I come against the counterfeit plans of Satan for son 3.Lord, I am holding up my Shield of Faith, I have tucked son 3 close under my breast so that the fiery darts of the enemy cannot reach him.  Lord, I thank You for the gift of Salvation.  Lord, I praise You for grace.  I love You more then words can express.  In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen."

That is basically the gist of it.  Not always in that order but always with that spirit.  I have seen such an amazing improvement in his and our lives.

Prayer works!  It truly does.  I hope that you are encouraged to lift ALL your cares to Him for He is faithful! 

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Joey Koon said...

I got diagnosed a little over 2 yrs ago with ADHD and chronic depression, but through a bit of patience I've learned to control it.