Dems Fightin' Werds!

Exodus 15:3a "The LORD is a warrior ..."

Read it again.
Say it out loud.
Say it like you mean it!
Dems fightin' werds!
(you have to say that with a southern draw :) )

Let me tell you something. God is a mighty warrior. He will fight for you in your situations but you have to get out of the way. You have to be on your knees in total submission to Christ. He opposes the proud. 1 Peter 5:5. If we are puffed up about ourselves, if we think we are some thing that we are not then God will deal with us. On His way to the situation He will stop and take care of His own. He will discipline us. God has no tolerance for pride. His will for us is to be humbled under His hand, His authority. If we are not then we can expect nothing less then some chastisement.

Some times I look at my circumstances and think "Are you going to deal with this/them?!" My precious Lord says to me "Are you going to get out of my way?" Perhaps you feel that God isn't moving quickly enough? Do you feel that He isn't taking care of some things? Here are some things to consider.
1. Are you looking at the world's time table?
2. Do you have some conceived notion as to how it should and when it should turn out?
3. Are you standing in His way?
Those can be so quickly dealt with. First realize that God doesn't work with our man made time. He does things when He does things. It's not a matter of God dealing with the circumstance. He is dealing with people. He is dealing with His kids. God is about relationship. He wants to make sure that we will learn from 'it'. Plus it's a matter of Him being glorified. Another thing is that God rarely does something the way we think. Our minds can not comprehend God's way. So in my opinion it's useless to have our many ways of handling a situation. We are only stepping into something that we have no business being in the middle of. If we are proud about something, if we think that our way is the only way, when we won't let go and let God then He will hold off deliverance. We see that time and time again in Scripture. Lastly and most importantly, we need to repent. It is sin to be prideful. It is a sin to stand in His way.

God is the warrior. We have been called to be warriors but we are called to fight along side Him. Not fight on our own. We are called to fight the good fight. We are called to fight what is important to Him. Not our own agenda. If you find that there are some fights that are going on for a long time you might want to ask yourself and God these questions.
1. Is this a battle worth fighting?
2. Has God called me to do battle on this?
3. Am I fighting a human or am I fighting the real enemy?
4. Is there any unbelief in my heart?
5. Am I being prideful?
6. Where have I not bowed down to God on this?
Ask these questions. Then, once you two talk, ask God to give you His heart. Ask Him to show you what He wants from you. Once we have submitted to His authority, fight the fight given to you, love the people in the situation, despise the true enemy (Satan), AND in His timing ... we will see VICTORY!

Now turn to your situation and say your fightin' werds!

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