Everyone has a testimony

A dear friend of ours has come this weekend to visit. He brought his little boy with him. What a cutie. Of course I feel old and realize that my boys are getting older because when I last saw his son he was 2 1/2. Now he will be 4 in a two months! Boy do kids change a lot during those years.
Anyway, I was listening to our friend talk to my husband. He has been dealing with a lot of things. I could hear the pain, the fear, the confusion and the anger in his heart. I thought to myself that he would have an awesome testimony. He just needs to fall into the Savior's arms.

I was thinking about our friend's testimony when I realized that I am now looking at every body as having a testimony. It's true. Having that in my heart has caused me to look at everyone differently. I no longer see just the clerk at the grocery store or the mom with a bunch of kids in tow. I see precious people who have a testimony. They have a story. God has delivered them from something. God has moved in such a way that they will never be the same.

Then I thought about the people whose testimony hasn't been written yet. Like our friend visiting. God is knocking on the door to their heart but they haven't answered Him yet. That's what I really notice. I have another friend who is not saved. She is so precious to me. We grew up together (basically). I look at her life and think "Man! What an awesome testimony to God's grace and mercy!" Sadly she doesn't see that. She doesn't see how He wants save her from eternal death. How He protects her and her child every day. She leaves it all up to chance. She makes decisions based on her wants and desires. I know that if she would give Jesus a little wiggle room into her heart she would be forever changed. She would be an amazing spokes gal on how God can clean us up and make us pure.

Just like our dear friend who is visiting. His marriage is non-existent. But I know there is a God in Heaven who created marriages. I know there is a God who loves him (and her) more then any human can. I think about where they could be in five years if they would lay down their pride and pain and take up their cross. What an amazing testimony of a pure unconditional love from our Heavenly Father.

So my point to all this is this ... look for the testimonies! Everyone has one. Reflect on yours from time to time. God loves to hear them. Tell them to Him. You two will laugh and cry and just be besides yourselves over them. Plus doing that will reaffirm your faith! I try to do that once a week. Really. I sit with the Lord and say "Remember when ... Remember that ... Boy I didn't think I would ever learn but then this happened ... " and so on. We have a great time remembering my testimonies. Plus I realize I am ready to share it in public when I can say it to my Father with out crying, feeling ashamed at what I did or who I was, or putting myself to much into the miracle. After all it's about Him.

Well, in closing I say this ... Remember that everyone has a testimony.
Also ... remember yours ... share it as often as Christ leads you to.

Be blessed!


bree said...

this is such a blessing to read-thank you:)

Terri said...

No, thank you Bree. You have always cheered me on. Thank you for your serving heart. It feels good to write this stuff. I'm so happy to hear that this is a blessing. :)