Okay, what is going on here?

O.K. as most of you know I have been begging God for a schedule that would work for me and bless my family. My husband and I have prayed. He has been so encouraging and kind. So about two weeks ago I had my schedule! Everything from when I got up to when I did lessons. Even a type of schedule for straightening up the house. I felt great. I looked at my dry erase board with contentment and relief. I had figured it out. Glory!

Then came the time to actually start the schedule. It was a Monday. I woke up on time and did all that I was suppose to do. I did it for 5 days. It was miserable! The kids fought non-stop. Lessons got done but I don't think any learning happened. Things never seemed to have been completed. I went to bed with the feeling that nothing was really done well.

I regrouped over the weekend. Made my lesson plans for the week on Sunday. I went to bed with every intention to start my week with the schedule. Then something happened ... I woke up late. The boys woke up later then me. Bo stayed home. There went my schedule out the window.

But all was not lost. I managed to clean up the house before lunch time. After lunch I schooled each kid one on one. Then made dinner, played a game with the boys and relaxed after boys' bed time with my hubby. It was a great day! Bo said he did not even realize that we had done any school because no one was fighting. The house was peaceful and quiet, quiet meaning that there was no fighting.

Now, it's Tuesday. Again I do not wake up when I "should" have. We have another day like Monday. Every thing I needed to complete like phone calls and laundry were done in between one on one school time with the boys. I even took the boys grocery shopping with me at Wal-Mart. They were great!

Today is Wednesday. We had 80* weather. The boys spent most of the day outside digging holes in the back yard looking for worms. I said "forget it" to school work and unpack half of the garage. I love the freedom of homeschooling. Anyway, after dinner tonight I took the boys to the mall just to hang out. Another great day at our house.

So, that brings me to this ... what is going on with my schedule? Could it be that God gave me what I wanted so that I would realize that I had a schedule all along ... My schedule. Tailor made to fit me, my hubby, my boys ... to fit US.

I'm hesitant to erase the schedule off the white board. I think I am going to keep it in prayer. Continue Thursday and Friday the way Monday and Tuesday were. God will tell me.

I actually thought that this house would overwhelm me. It's five bedrooms, three baths and two stories. But amazingly and with nothing short of God's grace I have eased into a peaceful, comfortable routine. Without even trying. It's great. I think something that God is trying to teach me is that I sweat the details too much. What is the big picture? Well, for me it's boys who are loved, a hubby who feels respected, schooled boys, warmth, love, a safe place for friends and family, a beacon in my neighborhood, a Christ-centered home. The big picture not about doing laundry from 10 to 10:30 in the morning. Schooling from 10:30 to 2 every day. It's not about being unpacked in record speed. I can either have a house where we live or I can have a home where we dwell. I'll take the home any day!

I just wanted to share where I am right now ... this very minute. This very minute I am listening to my boys pretending to be every animal on Animal Planet's Most Extreme , a shower running for my hard working man and I am at peace. Real, genuine peace that only serving the Lord and my family can give me.

I'm looking around and I can see that it is good.

God bless you all.