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My pastor said in a sermon a few weeks ago that God still talks to us in dreams. I totally know that. However, I hardly ever dream. When I do dream it's about weird, off the wall stuff that I forget 15 minutes after waking up. Don't get me wrong, I have had dreams from the Lord but usually The Book of Revelation stuff. Not ones where He is speaking to me about my life. So, with that in mind, I doubt my weird dreams are coming from the Lord. He would remind me of them. He would put in my spirit a feeling of research. Because that is what I do. I research and read scripture.

So there is the back drop to what I am going to tell you.

I woke up this morning to a dream. Immediately I knew that this dream was different. I came downstairs, got a cup of coffee (that I had programed last night!), and went to the computer to check email. Half way through my emails I realized that I had not said even 'Hello' to God. I took my hands off the keyboard, told Him I was sorry, and thanked Him for this day. Then my dream came flooding back to me. I sat there and remembered everything about it. Again, so unusual.

Before bed last night I prayed for my boys. Just them. I prayed for their relationship with each other. I prayed for their relationship with their Savior. I prayed in my tongue and in the Spirit. It was only about 15 minutes but I said what I needed to say. God knows my heart.

So while sleeping this is what I dreamed ...
I'm at a hospital. I'm with a girl who is about my age. She is there for the same reason I am. We are both called into the same room. There are two nurses. They ask us to put on the hospital gowns and lay down. We both do. Then they come back in and get us ready to receive in vitro fertilization. The one nurse performs it on my friend and everything is great. My nurse can't perform it on me. It won't take. She tries to inject something into my back. That doesn't help. I start crying quietly. She tells me and my husband, who is now in the room, that I can't get pregnant. She says I have to wait. I have to wait for a little while before we can do this procedure again. I'm heartbroken. My husband is heart broken. We leave the hospital and go home.

Then I woke up. Now, first off I know that some of that dream is flawed from a medical prospective. But the message is not lost. We wanted a baby, couldn't have a baby despite medical advances and we would have to wait.
Now here I am on the computer. I've just thanked God for this day when I realize I have to use the bathroom. As I'm finishing up I see our book titled 'Inside the Mysteries of the Bible, New Perspectives on Ancient Truths.' I picked it up and thumbed through it. My thumb stopped when I saw this picture with one word in the middle. The picture is of the dandelion weed (at least I think that is the flower). When it is white and the seeds are blowing around. In the middle of the page is the word ... UNEXPECTING.
Does that give you chills? Whew! It got my attention right in the middle of my spirit! I knew right then that God was going to reveal my dream to me. That page was about the stories of Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah and Elizabeth. It was about being barren. The story talked about how we, in today's age, have so many options if we cannot conceive but in the Old Testament there were no options but prayer. The article talked about how having children was a sign of God's favor. Not having children was a sign of His displeasure. That I knew and understood. Then came this one sentence. It struck my heart so deeply. Women of the Bible like Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, and Elizabeth sought help through prayer--and then waited for their miracle.

Whoa! I believe in my heart that God was talking to me about my prayers last night. I prayed to Him about my boys. All my ideas are good and I need to continue doing what I am called to do but I'm going to have to wait on the Lord to see anything birthed. Isn't that amazing?! I was blown away.

The book went on to show where in the Bible where these precious women's prayers were answered. Little did I know that He had one more thing for me. Basal thermometer? Laparoscopes? All the tools of modern medicine might not have helped these women. But God heard their pleas -- and answered.

GLORY! My heart is so encouraged.

Be blessed today! God hears your heart!

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