A time has come

Well here is the deal. I am a huge Law & Order fan. I have been for 17 years. All the spin offs I have watched. When the producers decided that there would be the original along with SVU (Special Victims Unit) and CI (Criminal Intent) I was excited. Every time change, every day change, I was there. I kept up with it all.

But ...
A time has come ...
I may have to say ...
to at least the SVU Law & Order.

Yes, I know if I say goodbye to one that I should say goodbye to all. After all they are written, directed and produced by the same people. But I'm taking baby steps here.

My decision has come because of the content of the story lines. They have had (recently) two shows where a 'devout pastor' has murdered someone because of 1. religious beliefs (meaning someone was attacking God's character) and 2. he was gay and didn't want his secret out.

I totally understand that they pull the latest national headlines and use them. However, I only remember one pastor's fall from grace recently and he didn't murder anyone. His 'secret' did get out and the church showed him love and grace. But I can't remember if he was gay or not. Well, that is besides the point.

Looking back over the last few years I have watched my beloved show rip apart Christianity. Made a mockery of what I believe in. It's been subtle but it's there. Yes, they usually portray the extremist but they make it out that we all act like that. They mention how we preach grace but have no tolerance for homosexuals or people who think different from us.

When the show has on a Muslim issue they tip toe around it. It's usually something isolated within the family structure. They are quick to point out that this is not the whole religion's attitude. They say things like "poor Islam's, their (extremist) people are ruining their religion and creating fear among everyone". But with Christianity it is a whole other story! They rarely quote the Koran to the extremist but Scripture is pulled out and dropped in left field.

So, I am going to write the show, really I am. I'm going to explain why I must stop watching SVU after 7 1/2 years. They should be made aware that there are Christians out there that are not going to take it anymore!

I pray I have inspired you guys. I think we have to stop entertaining things that put down our Savior and our faith. If we can no longer pray at sporting events then we as Christians need to stop going to them. One of the major reasons why I love NASCAR so much is that they have not taken God out of the sport. They have a local pastor at each track pray over everyone. From the drivers to the crowds. It's on TV and not edited. Good for them! Also, if we find out that our favorite store supports things that we don't, as much as it hurts, we need to stop shopping there. God will bless us here and in Heaven. It is better to be faithful then to save money! I promise you that.

So, this is where I am in my walk with my King. I love Him too much for Him to be made fun of. I wouldn't listen if someone was ignorant to Bo. I won't stand for it when it comes to my Father either.

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