I can smell the fruit

Every now and then I can smell the fruit. You know, the fruit of raising great kids.

The flu has hit our family. It was bound to happen. Glory to God it has only lasted 2 to 3 days per person. It started with my middle, David. Then it went to Ryan, our youngest. Followed by Matthew, our oldest and then it turned on my husband. Of course as each one moans in agony, coughs in my face, smears snot on my clothes (Bo hasn't done the snot one), I look up to God and pray "Lord, please, You know I can't get sick. Please keep me covered in health."

I have been doing fine. Glory! This evening though, I became a little tired. Around 7:30 I dozed on the couch. That's all I remember until 8:15. The boys woke me up to inform me that they were going to go to bed early. I was a bit dazed and confused. When I fell asleep the windows were open and the sun was shining. Now it was dark. I asked Matthew what was going on. He said "Oh, nothing Mom. Dad is asleep upstairs. Ryan gave him his blanket because Daddy wasn't covered and we couldn't find yours. I got everyone their three scopes of ice cream and now we are tired. Oh and David closed all the windows and shut the blinds."

I just blinked at him. Everything they did was perfect. They had locked up the house. Had their ice cream after dinner/before bed. They even made sure their sick daddy was taken care of.

I am blessed. They are wonderful boys. All three have a servants heart. I keep stopping my writing to express to Jesus how blessed I feel. He has given me an amazing family.

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