Man! Have I been slacking off or what?

I'm here and I am good.

I've been dealing with some rebellion. Not with the boys but with me.

Old habits have come back and I find myself just shaking my head in disgust. Tomorrow is a new day however I never change so sadly, tomorrow looks a lot like today.

Tonight after much praise and worship I have resolved myself to getting back on track. No more "trying". I am going to do it.

I'm going to bed early every night.

I'm going to wake up early every morning.

I'm going to read the Word every day.

I'm going to really pray every day. No flare prayers as my main discussion.

I'm going to focus on school Monday through Thursday.

There is probably a lot more things "I'm going" to do. So far this is just off the top of my head.

I just finished reading Daniel (again) but what stood out the most this time was the fact that he did his job and he did it well. Can I say the same thing? Not right this moment.

So, I'm going to change that.


Lori :) said...

I like your new header! Way cool!!

Will you do some of my "should do" list for me?? :)

I keep saying I'm going to bed early . . . but here it is 11:15 again. I guess this would be early if I went to sleep now!

Later chica!

Maricar said...

Always uplifting to read your honest critique of your life and to realize how God is still there, loving you (and me) even in our failed attempts to be what we think He wants for us.

longge said...

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