Today has been full and it's not over. I give God glory! I've been a busy little bee today.

David had a game at noon. We had to be there by 10:30. M and R had a Bye Week.

Watched an awesome game, of course!

Worked concessions afterwards for about an hour.

Went to Walmart with my mom, M and R. Bought groceries for the week. Hopefully! I have growing boys.

Came home, put groceries away and cleaned the downstairs.

Cleaned two litter boxes and a turtle's cage.

Listen to my husband as he fussed over the oil filter on his bike.

Made some coffee.

Going upstairs to get some laundry down. Maybe straightening up each boys room as I look for dirty clothes.

Finishing the Book of Daniel. Emailing my girlfriend to see if she is gonna post about it. ;)

Oh, I can't forget dinner! Tonight everyone just took care of them self. Which is awesome. Except I'm the last one to eat. :( LOL

Read some of my new book that I just got from the library yesterday.

Spend some time with my man and reconnect.

Go to bed.

Yes, I'm busy. Every day.

I was thinking about the Proverbs 31 gal. She was a busy girl. Part of being a woman of God is to be busy, in my opinion. It just depends on what your doing that makes it of God or not. When we are busy with housework, taking care of the kids, tending to our husbands then we are doing what God wants us to do. If we are just running around like chickens with our heads cut off then I think we are not.

Now, I have some days where it seems like I've been moving all day but have stayed in the same spot. You know? I have to watch for days like that.

I know that some days I need to just be still. Nothing wrong with that either.

However sometimes I think we Christians get it messed up. We think having 3 hours of complete quiet time with God is spiritual and on fire. But really it's doing this life for His glory. Its taking care of the things He has entrusted us to take care of. It's the loads of laundry with a joyful heart. It's hearing the fifteenth story from our kid and not rushing them to finish.

I think the Devil tells us that we should "Not have a spirit of busyness." But I'm not so sure. I mean no we shouldn't be all frazzled and freaking out. But isn't that really a different heart issue then "being busy"?

God has allotted so much time for us a day. We should fill it up with the things that are important for that day. Things that we should take care of. Things that are pleasing to the Lord.

Perhaps this post doesn't even make sense and it's probably too long but I just gotta say ...

Being busy isn't bad. As long as we are busy doing things that are pleasing to the Lord.


Lori :) said...

I just want to do tooooo much for each 24 hour day!
I do have to say - I haven't succeeded lately in doing everything with a joyful heart. :(
Gotta work on that.
My main problem is WHAT to do each day as there are too many things (and what I really want to do is just spend 3 hours with God instead of cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc, etc, etc).
L :)

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