There's a stirring

There is a stirring in my spirit. I can feel God moving inside of me. I believe that God is bringing me out of "just talking" to actual "some doing".

I so desire to serve women and families. I so desire to be there in the thick of things. I want to encourage women to love their husbands. I want to encourage moms to cherish their children. I want to encourage women to be good friends to one another.

I want to write about God's goodness, His justice, His mercy, His grace and yes, His wrath.

God gave me some time lines, some conditions if you will, about when I'm to do certain things. I have held those ideas loosely. Like a squirrel gathering nuts, I have tucked away things in my spirit here and there.

In my quiet times I have asked God "How can I, Lord?". "I'm not worthy of such a dream." I've questioned whether or not I have heard Him correctly. Surely this is me talking not Him.

I've had a couple of years of being planted firmly on my knees. I can't tell you the last time I actually stood, spiritually speaking. Can anyone relate?

But lately there has been a stirring. My spirit begins to jump when I think about the desires I have.

I realized recently that those "time lines", those "conditions" are about to come to fruition.

I must continue to be on my knees, continue to pray without ceasing. I must not get caught up with things that are of less importance. Satan knows it's coming and he is waging war against me. But I am not fighting this alone. I'm not even fighting it, really. God is victorious.

He is Jehovah Nissi.


Janie said...

I was so excited that someone actually visited my blog and posted a response....Thank you! And yes I love Terri Blackstock and have read nearly everthing she has written.

Sounds like God is doing some big things in your life and I'm always excited to hear that someone wants to encourage women to love their husbands. I see the destruction of the family almost on a daily basis and it breaks my heart. I work in a law firm that does a LOT of domestic work and it is heart breaking to see. I have been divorced for 10 years and I know personally the devastation that comes from divorce.


Lori :) said...

Let Him keep stirring! And when He's done - get up and start running! :)

Love ya!