200th post

This is my 200Th post!

I've been wondering since the 198Th post what I should write. I wanted something deep and profound. Something that would make you ponder things with me. Something that would have y'all commenting.

But nothing comes to mind.

I did have a very cool quiet time today in my van during Matthew's Pre-season Lacrosse practice. But it hasn't quite sunk in yet so I will wait to share. :)

However in true fashion of my life I will share some little things going on around here.

1. Yesterday Bo and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. We had a very busy but relaxing day. We watched Matthew play his first play-off game in the morning. Then my mom came over and we all just hung out until it was time for our movie. We watched Lakeview Terrace (it was good.) and had dinner. Bo and I were going to head over to a local restaurant afterwards to watch the UFC Fight but it was way to crowded. So we just went home. Plus we were so pooped from getting up so early for football that we didn't want to be out past 1a.

2. Matthew is in the Mid-South playoffs for Pop Warner Football. We are beyond excited! Last Saturday, the 8Th, Matthew's Junior Pee Wee (JPW) team won the Division Title for our area. This Saturday, the 15Th, was the first of two play-off games for our Region. They played a team from North Carolina. We won 19-0! Now we are moving onto our final play-off before Regionals. We are playing in South Carolina against a team from Alabama. We're staying in a hotel Friday night. How cool is that?!

3. David's team won their Bowl game. That was on the 8Th too. His team ends their season 7-2. The Mitey Mites are too young to travel so they play a local bowl. They were given a metal after the win. He was so excited. Of course we were proud parents!

4. Ryan finished his season on November 1st. They are too young to travel and there is no bowl game for them. Ryan was fine, we knew it from last year. He finished his awesome season 6-2.

5. Ryan has started Wrestling. If you know my Ryan then you know that it is perfect for him. He just loves it. The coaches are pretty impressed that this is his first season. His only problem is enough patience. He is always looking for the "big" take down. That just comes with experience. I'm not exactly sure when his first tournament is. I'll keep y'all posted. :)

6. Matthew is going to play Lacrosse in the winter. He can't wait. Matt (that's what the coaches call him) is very talented. He picks it up so quick and is fast on his feet. Which of course you have to be. He was going to wrestle but decided that he really didn't want to. The head coach is a friend of ours from football. He allowed the three boys to come out and try it. He enjoyed it but not enough to commit to it.

7. David tried Lacrosse and Wrestling. No go for either one. He said he wants to try Track and Field. So, this spring he is going to try Outdoor.

8. We have found out through much prayer, reading and at home tests that David is Dyslexic. It's not as scary as I thought. :) Now I wish that I would have caught it sooner but it is what it is. We have a few hard years with him regarding health issues. So really it's no wonder I didn't put 2 and 2 together. What I hold onto is that once I was able to focus solely on his education I found it. And two, God created him and this isn't a terrible thing. It's not really a disability as much as it is a difference.

9. I found a new awesome author, Dee Henderson. You can find her link on my sidebar. I've also been reading a lot about Dyslexia.

10. I have my scripture for this season in my life. Check out my sidebar. LOL

Well, I think that is it.

Hope you enjoyed the Big 2-0-0!


bree said...

How exciting for all of you! The boys and sports, 11years (I remembered for you too and then forgot to call!), David and his new season and just for all of you:) God is growing big hearts in your special, precious family:) We'll be there Friday-yeah! Leaving next Saturday. See you soon! Love the new look!

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