We haven't had rain here in about a week. You can tell because people are getting cranky with the heat, there are more bugs flying around and the lawns are turning brown.

I was looking at the brown lawn at my mom's house. I then thought about our lawn. It, too, is turning brown. That thought brought me to my neighbor. He is so careful with his lawn. He cuts it faithfully. He waters it nightly. His lawn is turning brown. Mind you it's not as brown as mine but nevertheless, it's starting to turn.

I thought to myself, "Boy we just need a good rain.".

My heart thought of life. How often do we need a good spiritual rain? No matter how much we try man made things to sooth our soul, it all comes down to this ... our soul thirsts for God.

Psalms 143:6 "I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like parched land. Selah"

We cannot water our own souls. There is nothing on this earth that man has created that can quench our thirst. Only God, the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and the Comforter, The Holy Spirit can satisfy our souls.

Do you need a little rain today?

Precious Heavenly Father, we come to you dry and weary. Father fill us up with the Holy Spirit. Quench our thirsts Father. Let us be a well watered garden Lord. Bearing up good fruit in and out of season. Oh Father, may our roots go deep into your Word, into your Kingdom. Lord from this day forward may we never take for granted a good rain. Father fall on us! Father drench us in your power. May it soak us to the very being of who we are. Praise you Jesus! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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