A new blog

No, no, I am not getting rid of this blog. :) I love it way to much. Isn't that sad? I don't understand how people can go weeks without blogging. I know that I am not the only one who loves her blog! Anyway ...

I am thinking though of having another blog. One that is totally focused on Homeschooling. This blog, The Potter's Clay, is so much about my day to day walk with Christ. Of course Homeschooling is very much apart of it and I do write here about it. I was thinking, tho, that I could have one just for HS. One where I posted things like curricula, my learning, field trips, new discoveries and those A-HA moments that I will have. Not to mention all the stuff the boys will be doing! LOL

So, I am in the process of asking God if it would be alright. I tend to be a bit consumed by this one. I was telling my girlfriend the other day that I can be right in the middle of a situation and think "oh, I gotta write about this!" Of course I don't because I usually forget or God reminds me that I haven't fully grasped what He was saying. So I need to meditate on it a bit more.

I also haven't talked to Bo about it. I honestly don't think he would mind. I actually only thought of it last night. He has been hanging out with Dad this weekend. They went to a bike rally. He rode one of his dad's bikes. I can't wait until he gets one. I'm looking for a helmet now and biker boots. Gotta have them. Tennis shoes are not cool or safe :) The boys need those things too.

Date night will never be the same! Woo Hoo!

One more thing ... I am also praying about a name for the homeschool blog. Any ideas?


bree said...

hmmmm-I can't believe people can go without blogging for weeks either! Seriously, I am having some issues being patient but it is about obedience-Oh how God is making HUGE changes-wow, how much nicer when you do it with a happy heart! OOOOO look I'm still writing! Anyhoo, I love the idea about another blog-how great-how much my dear friend has grown-I want to yip with excitement-YES YIP-YIPPEEEEE! I look forward to seeing God's answer (and the hubby's too of course:) )Thank you for your blog-I love it!

Terri said...

LOL! You are so silly. I was thinking of you when I said that ... about the week thing! You and Lori but I realize her blog is about the adoption. Since we are always waiting on news it makes sense about her's. LOL I'm glad you are listening to Him.

bree said...

I didn't want to assume:) Maybe I will post tonight-there is so much I want to write that I can't pick-AHHH! :)