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some proud moments

Well, first let me just say that Matthew has read 8 books in a week! LOL Mind you they are not novels but nonetheless they are some great books. Mostly on ocean life. He has agreed to wait on going to Barnes & Noble until his brothers are a bit caught up. Or least over the weekend because we had to finish our CATs today.

So, another proud moment. David has had no interest in reading this year. Every program has frustrated him to no ends. So I dropped it. I just focused on the other stuff.

So, last night David decided that he didn't want anyone to read to him. He was gonna read. And he is! He struggles over a lot of the words but he is determined to do it. Each page he is getting better.

It's funny, because I had just a few months ago, resolved myself to the fact that I would take more of an Waldorf approach with the boys. Now look at them!

Even Ryan, who at most times cannot tell a p from a q or a b from a d and who could care less about writing left to right has decided that he too would like to read. He found a book that has very little words in it. He memorized the words and will not stop 'reading' it to every one.

My boys are so sweet. God is so faithful. Once I truly laid it all down at His feet ... He has just been so faithful!


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