Gettin' into trouble :)

No, no, it's okay. I started selling AVON a few weeks ago. Truly Bo and I are my best customers! I have all intention to do something with AVON unlike Tupperware that I sold 10 years ago. :) I am getting back in the swing of things. I totally ditched it while on vacation and my dad. I'm excited to jump back in. July is my month for that and August is my month for getting ready for school to start. Hey, if you are interested in AVON let me know. I even have my own website. :) Which is great for those of you who are out of town (my town). I'll have to email you privately. :) You can go to my homeschool blog to email me. Just click on the 'email me' link on the right hand column. For whatever reason I can't do one on this site.

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