Quiet times

I am finishing up some MUCH needed quiet time. Grandma took the boys for the night and Bo was (and still is) out of town. I have the house all to myself! Since 8 o'clock last night! I wasn't sure what I was going to do other then be so happy. :) I took the boys to the library yesterday so I had a fresh new book. I had a list of recorded shows on the DVR list. I had some chocolate and I had plenty of coffee.

All I did last night was veg. I watched T.V., ate my candy and drank my coffee. I was very quiet. I didn't cry, I didn't agonize over undone chores, I didn't even read my book. I sat there with my remote and fell in and out of sleep.

It was glorious! I have not had a quiet, by myself, night in I think forever! Or so it feels. God knew exactly what I needed. I needed to do my own thing for a little while. I needed to only concern myself with myself. That is exactly what I did.

Soon I will be picking up my boys. Soon Bo will be coming home. Which is good because I think the race is about to start. :) I feel re-energized. I feel ready to take on the rest of July. I feel like I have recovered from the craziness of it all. Oh, I think I forgot to mention that Bo's younger brother was in town. He came the Monday we got back from Florida. There was no rest for weary.

God also gave me beautiful weather! No humidity. I was able to open my windows and feel the cool breeze. I love open windows. I love hearing the sounds of the neighborhood. I love to smell fresh air.

I didn't spend any real time in God's word or in prayer but God did bless my quiet time. I felt Him here with me. He gave me much rest. He always does. He loves me and He shows it all the time!

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bree said...

how wonderful for my friend:) May this month bring a renewed mind and heart and a peaceful and joyful home. Miss you!