Coming Back

I have been so far away from God's Word lately. I haven't even attended church regularly. There is truly no excuse for any of it. I have been hearing God's gentle voice calling me back. He has said things like "What you have built up will only carry you so far my love." and "Each day you are loosing your footing, The Evil One is watching your steps." Today I woke up just before 6. Yes, it is hard to believe. I decided to take advantage of that. I made coffee, ate breakfast, straighten up and headed out to my front porch. I sat there with my coffee cup and Bible. I asked for forgiveness in regards to neglecting my most important relationship. Then I asked God to prepare me for Him. I knew He might rebuke me. I didn't want to be prepared with a bunch of meaningless reasons for my absence. We had wonderful quiet time together. There was no sense of frustration on His part. We picked up right where we had left off. Isn't that comforting? Like when you haven't talked to a good friend in awhile and finally that phone call comes in and you walk away feeling as if no time had passed. That is how it was today.

I feel as though God is calling me to do some things. I am taking advantage of the "lazy days of summer". I'm going to spend the next 5 or so weeks and really dive in. I want to make sure that I do not go where He has not gone. I don't want any of these things to be about me or my desires but to glorify Him. I'm asking for your prayers. I need wisdom. Is this me or Him? I need things to line up and for me to have the patience to wait. Some of the stuff He is talking to me about may take a while, like years. I don't want to rush Him.

I have come to some major opposition recently. The house, finances, and Dad dieing are just the tips of the iceberg. I truly believe that Satan knows what God has planned and he wants to discredit all of it. He wants me to believe that the things I hold in secret, my dreams, will be mocked. The Enemy wants me to believe that God would never use me. That God would never trust me to handle these things. The Enemy wants me to be so sidetracked that I miss what God is saying and doing. He, the Enemy, wants me to be shaken in a personal way. I do know this ... if there is some shaken to happen then let it begin! God will shake me to remove the things that would hinder me. Things that are stopping me from doing His will. Only the things that remain are of God and will not be shaken! Hebrews 12:27.

Oh Baby! We got a whole lot of shaken going on! :) All to God's GLORY!


bree said...

Amen sister! I am going to keep reading this to keep me encouraged! Shaking time! Have you started on the book of devotionals yet-hmmmm??? :)

love ya! miss ya!

Terri said...
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Terri said...

No, no I haven't. I need to start a draft and go from there. I know nothing is going to happen if I don't actually put something down on paper!

Bo wants to know "When is Bree going to bring me a cake for my birthday?"

LOL :)