A grateful heart

I know that I have been MIA a bit. I have been busy with God and my family. :)

Sunday was my Beloved's birthday. It was a wonderful day. We went to church and heard an awesome Word. Then we went to Applebee's, truly 'eatin' good in the neighborhood'. After that we just headed home to watch the race. Which Bo's driver actually had a great car but blew an engine with like 15 laps to go. All was not lost, his second driver won the race. We didn't have any big thing like cake but we did head out to 7-11 for Slurpees and ice cream. :) It was a very nice, relaxing day. Bo had a good day.

The boys started football this week. Man, is that exciting! It is a whole different world. I love it! For the first week they are doing conditioning. It's two and a half hours worth of intense conditioning. The boys LOVE it! They are really doing well. All the coaches are high fiven' and saying 'good job', 'atta boy', 'were you watchin' him?'. Makes my mama heart swell! There are about 175 kids there. Let me tell you they all came to play some ball. Even the 5 year olds are serious. Which is just too cute to even talk about! All the teams are tackle and this upcoming week they start hitting. My boys are beyond excited about. This is such a dream come true for them. All three of them have football in common. They know all about the sport. Come actual football season you can't get away from stats, coaches, teams, owners, players, free agents, draft orders, college recruits, college averages, college players grade average ... the list goes on and on. ESPN is always on in the fall and the boys are running to the computer when they first get up to see if anything has posted on NFL.com over night! LOL Just like NASCAR, it's in their blood. We truly are a bunch of good ole boys and girl rednecks! LOL

I am so grateful to God. I was sitting at the field last night, watching the boys run through the drills. Each one was at a different station. I was over come by my thankfulness to our Lord. He has given all of us our dreams.

My all time dream was/is to be in a family that loved and cherished me. To be in a family that wanted me around and needed me. I wanted the husband, kids, minivan, spaghetti night dinners, the less then perfect living room, and even the piles of laundry and dishes. I wanted to belong, to be accepted, to be cherished. I have that and a whole lot more!

Bo's dream is the same basically. He wanted to be loved. He wanted to belong, to be protected, not in a physical sense. To have someone stand up for him and support him. Someone to see the best in him and see his potential. He wanted children who looked up to him. He wanted/needed unconditional, pure love. He's got that and a whole lot more!

Now since my kids, to the Glory of Christ, are being raised in a God-fearing home where we are forever before His throne on our faces, they do not have all that 'emotional' stuff. :) Their dreams are this ... have their own rooms and to play football! To God's glory ... they have that and a whole lot more!

Do you notice the theme of our dreams? We have our dreams and a whole lot more!
What about you? I encourage you to take this weekend and look around. Sure there will be somethings you can say aren't your dreams but look at the bigger picture. God loves you and He is always showering you with a wonderful gift. You just might have to look for it. Ask God to help you see His hand in things. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Romans 11:29 (NIV)
For God's gifts and his call are irrevocable. (emphasis mine)

I think someone needed to read that today! GLORY!

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