A little time with an old friend

So, it is no secret that I hadn't been reading God's Word like I should. Like everything in my life I have had to become disciplined with it again. I know, I know that is sad.

I have been spending about a good, solid 15 minutes reading the Bible every day. What a wonderful blessing. Why did I ever stop? Of course I have my list of reasons why but there truly is no excuse. It's not like I went blind for goodness sake!

Today God spoke to me about something. We were in Psalms together. I was reading Psalms 18 and came upon verse 25 - 26 "To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd."

I think if you were to think about it you will find this statement that I am about to make true. People who do wrong things think that everyone does wrong things. For instance, people who smoke pot think that at the very least everyone has tried it. People who cheat on their taxes believe that everyone cheats at some point in life, some way. On the flip side of that, people who are always kind find it hard to believe that someone could be cruel. We base people on our self and others. I'm sure you have heard that our relationship with our earthly father has a direct result on our relationship with our Heavenly Father. For an example, if our dad was a mean man then we have a hard time believing that God will not be mean.

This scripture in Psalms sums it up for me. God shows Himself to be what we see Him as. Now, don't miss understand me. God is not crooked, He does not lie, He is mighty. Regardless of what we see, He is Truth. Where I am coming from is this ... Is there an area in your life where you view God in contrary to His word? Is there a place in your heart where you believe He can't do something? Have you come to a place where you would bet the farm on Him in all areas but this one? Is there an area where you have been so hurt, so let down, so disappointed that you are not even willing to let God have it for fear He will do the same?

Where in your life does the picture of God in your heart not add up to scripture?
Think about it, pray about it. You may not have any area where you are struggling with God's character. Glory to God! But some of you might be ...

So I say this ... If you can't see God for who He is ... move. :)


Sarah said...

You make a great point. Very insightful!

Terri said...


Can you tell I have had to do some moving?