Friends and Fellowship

God always knows who to send to me right when I need them. I have been feeling like my life has been spinning out of control. I have kept my foot secured on God's Word but everything else has been going nuts. The boys fighting, tension between hubby and I, the house never staying straightened, the van is a mess, laundry is in piles everywhere, both clean and dirty! Every where I look whether personal, physical or spiritual I have felt a little out of sorts.

My prayers have become "OH Lord please! Help! Father please!" That is it. Nothing more then some pleading. I'm not 100% sure what I have been pleading for. I guess it has been for the "chaos" to stop.

So my precious Father brought some people into my week that really have touched my heart.

Friend number one: Tina
She listened ... she shared ... she understood ... she prays

Friend number two: Bree
She listened ... she encouraged ... she understood ... she prays

Friend number three: Lori
She listened ... she told me about the monks ... she understood ... she prays

Friend number four: Lynae
She listened ... she confirmed what God said ... she understood ... she prays

Friend number five: Sarah
She listened ... she flipped it around to show me the other side ... she understood ... she prays

God is so faithful! He brought peace in the form of dear friends. I woke up today with literally a different outlook. I am so humbled by my friends' love and godliness. I can feel the Spirit of the Lord moving now. I know my Father is in control. He loves me and I am safe. My eyes refuse to hold the tears now. My heart is overwhelmed by God's ways.

Friends and Fellowship are so important. We were not meant to walk this thing out alone. I encourage you to call your buddy and check in. Offer hope, blessings and Christ's love. My friends had no idea I needed it but God knew! Is God bringing someone to your heart now ... give them a call.


bree said...

big, big hugs my friends:) Prayer is so amazing:)

Terri said...

Bree ... Do you know that I tell people that you have the red phone?!