Cup to Cup

I'm one of those weird moms who doesn't get excited about the 'cute clothes' for babies. Sweet onesies with cute little sayings do not turn my head.

However, cool sippy cups rock!

It has been a good four years since we have had need for such cups. I just can't resist checking them out from time to time while I'm at Wal*Mart. It's not my fault really because Wal*Mart likes to help me with exercise by putting the cat supplies on the opposite side of the store from the groceries. So I have to pass by that section. It's either that or the candy aisle. :)

It was probably a month ago when I noticed cool summer fun sippies.

Now fast forward to last Friday.

I was at Dick's Sporting Goods buying cups for the boys to wear. It is football season. ;)

So we have entered into a new phase at our house. It does make me a tad bit emotional to think we have gone from ...

Cup to Cup.


bree said...

hahahaha:) light and cheery for the morning-thanks:)

Sarah said...

I loved this entry! You are so clever!