Get a list together

I just want to encourage everyone out there ...
Get a list of prayer concerns together and give them to your husbands.

These men were given to us by God Himself. Even the ones who don't know it. :) Go before God and ask Him how to word it for your man. Remember Ladies, men do not like details. They just want the main points. So as you write your list out be careful not to go on about it. Remember you are not asking him to fix anything, you are just asking him to pray. God is the fixer. You can give some scripture that you would like to have prayed over you as well.

Second, don't nag or assume that he isn't praying. Remember all things are in God's perfect timing.

Third, when you present your list don't do it with the tone of "You are not praying for me, so here." Simply say to him that these things are on your heart and mind. These things are heavy on your shoulders. So you are bringing them to your "covering". Don't misunderstand me, the Holy Spirit can, will and does bring things to your husband's spirit. This list just helps him see where you are physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And last, ask him for a list. Most likely he won't hand you one but he will give you a list all the same. He will say things. Make a mental note or write it down. If he says that there isn't anything he needs, well, we know better. Again, and always, refer back to the Holy Spirit. Also, let him know lovingly that you are praying for him. Especially on those days when he seems to be distracted or just not himself.

One more thing Ladies ... He most likely will not tell you that he has been praying. Trust God for the answers. Trust your husband to do what he says he is going to do. Believe the best in your precious man.

Well, now, go make your list! I am.

*UPDATE* Don't forget to thank your husband for praying. Especially when God answers.


bree said...

thank you for sharing what the Lord has put on your heart and wanted others to hear:) I love the pictures of the ducks-could you send that to me-I can think of us going to get coffee:) ( I can name each duck right now!:) )Miss you! Big hugs!

Terri said...

Oh, you are welcome!

M R Ducks coming your way. :)