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This holiday weekend has been so nice. Just what we needed and wanted. Saturday the boys had their first football games. It was so cool! They were awesome. They look adorable in their football uniforms. Each team has navy blue pants, navy blue shocks and white jerseys with navy blue numbers. Ryan has a white helmet, Matthew and David have gold. Matthew's number is 62, David is 67 and Ryan is 27. Matthew pointed out that there is a pattern to the numbers. M and D share a 6. D and R share a 7. M and R share a 2. I thought that was pretty smart! :)

Sunday we went to Busch Gardens and so did everyone who lives in Virginia!! So after 4 rides we left. We have season passes so there was no loss but some gas. We are going to go back on Friday while everyone is at work and school.

Today we hung out and went to the movies. We have a place here where you see older movies and are served food. It's awesome. So we saw Surf's Up. It was cute.

Tonight we just hung out some more. We started up the bed time again. No one really complained which was nice. :) Matthew even went to bed earlier. He was very tired this weekend. I wonder why!

Tonight I just got done figuring out our day tomorrow. I feel so energized. I have a goal and a plan. I'll talk more about that at the picture He's painting.

Our dear friends made it to GT safe and sound. That is a good thing. Jeremy and Lori are coming home with their new baby girl on Friday. Bo is going to meet them at the airport. We are so excited to meet Wendy!

My 7th Beth Moore Bible study starts tomorrow too! Our church is doing The Patriaches. I'm very excited. I love my Bible studies. The studies I have done by Beth are:

1. A Heart Like His, a study on King David's life.
2. Believing God, experiencing a fresh explosion of faith.
3. Breaking Free, making liberty in Christ a reality in life.
4. To Live is Christ, the life and ministry of Paul.
5. Living Beyond Yourself, exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.
6. Daniel, lives of integrity words of prophecy.

I guess that is about it. God is so good to us. My soul is at ease.

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