My hubby!

My hubby came home this afternoon with some surprises for just me!

Bo went to Office Depot to get some things for the business. While there he bought me some cool stuff for my AVON business and homeschool.

One was a 6 drawer table that I can put all my business supplies in. Then he bought me a briefcase bag to carry my brochures, pens, samples and so forth. Next he got me a day planner. But an At A Glance day planner that I can make lists! He knows I love to make lists! Then he bought me a stamp set! No more hand writing my name and number on brochures! For school he bought me a Teacher Planner! It is so nice. It has big block day scheduling.

I was blown away when he came home. What a sweet man. He kept saying "I hope this blesses you."

Oh yes, it has blessed me. I love it all. I have been thinking about all this stuff but never found anything I liked enough to buy. Everything he picked out is perfect! I quickly got everything together. I put all my AVON stuff in their new homes and tonight wrote out my lesson plans for the week.

I truly am blessed by my husband's generosity.

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bree said...

how sweet:) You have a direct line too! Keep praying! We miss you all-lots! big hugs:)