A walk

I started walking the other day. I want to be healthy and most importantly, I want to loose weight. My goal is for about 60 to 70 pounds.

At the boys' practice is a track. I would see moms out there walking and dads jogging. I admire them for I sat in a chair in between Mitey Mites and Tiny Mites. I would sit with my coffee and a book. I chatted casually with the other parents and cheered on the teams. It was wonderful and relaxing. However, my mind was saying, "You could be walking.".

So I finally decided to do it. I walked a mile and a half in 28 minutes. I think for me that is good. :)

The walk really isn't the reason I am writing.

I began singing praises to God. Random songs from my heart. It was so peaceful and only a few heads turned. In between songs I would thank God for all the wonderful things He has brought into my life. My saving relationship with Him, His Son and the Holy Spirit, my family, my health, my worldly possessions, and so on. I praise God for every answered prayer, whether yes or no. I thanked Him for loving me so much. For showing me His glory everywhere in my life. So it was no coincidence when I looked at the sky, full of dusk, and found a beautiful shade of purple. That is my favorite color.

My heart leaped and I praised Him for that purple. I shared a little joke between He and I about Home Depot matching that color.

In between all that I shared with Him my frustration over not being able to execute my plans. For starting things that I later couldn't finish. One more time I asked, "What is wrong with me?"

So quietly, in the midst of cheers and pad pops, He answered.
"Nothing is wrong with you. You simply lack perseverance."

Oh, I see.

Yes, I do see. I've had that thought before but that day something inside of me changed. I went from knowing it to feeling it. I know that my nature, my flesh is weak when it comes to perseverance. I am laying down my flaw for His perfection. Through Christ I am going to persevere in my life. Whether it be homeschooling or loosing weight I will finish and I will finish well for I have the Mighty One dwelling inside of me.

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bree said...

perserverance----He is leading us together! I start, but when the goin gets tough (or I get bored), it's all done, and then I feel awful I didn't finish! Thank you for sharing:) Think back to the day you were saved...and where you are now...He is faithful my friend:) Hugs!