Prayer needed

This is from my best friend Tina. She lives in California. I received this email today.

It's a little crazy here right now. We aren't in any immediate danger, however the smoke is very heavy in the air and there is ash flying around everywhere. The fires are the closest to us that they have ever been. My friend Kristen and her family have been evacuated. They only live about 10 minutes from where our apartment was. Theresa (Tina's sister) was sent home from work today because of the smoke and roads near her office being closed. Pray specifically that the winds die down. Right now they are blowing pretty good and keep shifting direction. These are the really dry winds that blow in over the desert and through the inland valleys. Pray that the cease. Right now our humidity is only at 15%. Pray for the firemen and police who are working these fires. We need God's grace!!

Thank you mighty warriors!

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