Shout for JOY!

Let me tell y'all something! I can't stop giving my God some praise tonight.

Today we had a follow up neurology appointment for David. Here is some history...
September of '06 David started gaining weight. His little face resemble the moon which is classic for kidney/adrenal failure. Yet none of the test results showed it. We bowed daily, if not by the minute, in prayer. I asked everyone I could find to pray for our boy. In December Dr. Rohn, his endrogologist, said that the dosage of steroid, Dexamethosone, was too high for his age. He switched him to Prednisone. Shortly after that David developed really bad headaches. So we put him back on Dexamethosone and began to ween him off. Alternating between the two for a few weeks. The headaches went away. Glory! Then three weeks after the full switch the headaches came back. Dr. Rohn felt certain it wasn't the medicine. So we took him to the pediatrician. With my history of migraines everyone felt certain that this was David's problem. However, when the doctor looked in David's eyes she saw something she wasn't sure of. So she wanted to do an MRI. Our insurance wouldn't cover it. So she referred us to a neurologist. He, too, saw some swelling behind David's eyes. He ordered an MRI and told us to have his eyes checked out. Just to rule that out. The eye doctor confirmed that this was not an eye problem. Meanwhile we had the MRI. It showed a high level of fluid around David's brain. He then ordered David to have a spinal tap. The tube that measures your spinal fluid goes up to 35cc. David's spinal fluid rose quickly and shot out of the tube! Even the doctor performing the test was shocked. David was then put on Diamox, 500 mg. The conclusion was that David's spinal fluid wasn't draining properly. It was basically stopping in his brain, not filtering out, yet the spine was still sent the signal to release more. Causing the swelling. Now, fast forward 4 or 5 months ... David's meds are all under control. He has lost about 25 pounds and has grown 3 inches. He is healthy! Glory! At the appointment Dr. Toor, the neurologist, said to take David down to 250 mg for 30 days. After 30 days with no headaches to completely take him off that med. GLORY!!
What is even more amazing is that Dr. Rohn and Dr. Toor have had conversations about "my family's faith". Oh yes, that is right! They were discussing David and his disease, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). Dr. Rohn expressed to Toor that David isn't text book. That David isn't sick like he should be. That David is growing and healthy. He told Toor that we pray for David's healing. God is moving here! He IS going to heal David and He is going to show His mighty hand to the precious doctors we have met. I am thrilled!
Over the years Dr. Rohn and I have talked about my faith. He is an Orthodox Jew. One day when David was two I drew a big line in the sand. I told Rohn that I believe God for a healing. That I am praying to Jesus. He, too, drew a big line in the sand. He said that he understood about my saviour but that He is his prophet. In my spirit I knew that David's healing wasn't for my faith. That David's healing was going to be for many. Since then we have had little conversations. Each time Dr. Rohn has encouraged me to keep praying. When David's bone age is to high for his real age Rohn will say "Keep praying Mom." Sure enough, the growth stops. I always knew it would. Rohn needed to see it stop. To have Rohn speak of our faith to Toor makes my heart sing. Not for me ... but for MY GOD!
Toor has asked me to let him know how David is doing. I assured him I would call. As he shook my hand he said, "Please, let me know as he grows up." What an honor. My BFF Tina said that I should send him cards with pics of David as he is growing up. That is a wonderful idea.

God is amazing.

Over 8 years ago as I sat in NICU being told that if the check up would have been 2 hours later, David would have died ... I didn't think to think about all of this. My prayers were for his life. Now, as he has grown, and our testimony is increasing. My prayers are still for his life, for his healing but also for the spiritual lives of those we meet. You truly do 'just never know'.


bree said...

"Be still and know I am here..." doesn't it take your breath away...How awesome-PRAISES! :) Big hugs to the boys!

Sarah said...

The prayers of a righteous woman avails much!!!