Where to start ...

Man, has it been so long since I have posted. I'm not sure where to start and I will probably will jump around. :) Just warning y'all!

I am just besides myself in love with Jesus. Really. Truly. There have been some 'moments' yet Christ has kept my spirit calm. I can honestly say that when I close my eyes at night, my soul is at ease. What an amazing thing.

Bo and I have been getting closer. Which is always a good thing. There for a little while things were tense. Once again Lord used those moments to draw me closer to Him, not Bo, but to God Himself. Where I belong. Bo and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on November 15. A whole decade! Amazing. Some days, over the years, I didn't think we would make it but we did and it has been a heck of a ride, well worth it!

I have started a Bible study on my own called Conversation Peace, The Power of Transformed Speech by Mary A. Kassian. WOW! Over the past few years God has really been talking to me about my potty mouth. It's not like I was sailor but some choice words would come out of my mouth at various times. Trust me when I say that I have done just about everything to change. Then this study fell into my lap and I can feel the change in my spirit. My four precious men have noticed. Not only have I stopped saying things I shouldn't but my tone has changed. I speak with kindness and integrity. It's different and I like it! I'm realizing that words are powerful. Really powerful. Something that I have always known but like most things hadn't truly taken to heart. Oh and God is giving me a double portion on this topic. Not only am I doing this study but guess who else is talking about this ... yep on Life Today's Wednesdays with Beth Moore. I kid you not. There are no coincidences with Christ!

God is so good, so faithful. There is just an easy and loving spirit in our home. Praise be to God.

I am a bit frustrated though, which it is stupid for me to be but ...
I messed up my blogs. Some how I changed the posting thing and now I can switch the fonts. Not like that mattered because I never did but now the option is gone. :( Not to mention that when I hit bold or italic it gives the code and I have to put the word in the middle. So dumb! I'm working on not letting that become a thorn in my side. ;)

Oh! I almost forgot ... My birthday was yesterday! Yep! I just love my birthday. I look forward to it just like a kid. I always have. Not sure why. Yesterday was my best one I think. I felt comfortable and my spirit was at ease. Bo bought me a dozen of pink and white roses. They are sooo beautiful. He also gave me a purse (that I did pick out ;)) and a sweet card. Then he took us out to eat with my mom. Which they all surprised me with a cake and the waiters sang to me. Which I love! Matthew gave me a deck of cards. He is so neat! We have broke them in playing Rummy. So fun. David gave me a pink pearl necklace that he got from a bubble gum machine. He is so sweet! Ryan didn't get me anything but every where we went yesterday he told everyone it was my birthday. Which was wonderful because complete strangers said happy birthday to me! Boy do I really love my birthday! My mom gave me a birthstone bracelet that had the birthstones of the boys. It is very pretty. I also recieved a lot of ecards and cards in the mail. Not to mention the phone calls. I truly do love my birthday! Oh and I don't mind telling y'all how old I am ... 31!

I guess that is about it. I'm just waiting on Christmas. :) We have the house decorated and the Christmas lists written out. Including mine. :) We have a real tree this year. Our house smells so good. Only one cat has puked from eating the needles so that is good. I have started selling things on eBay. My Avon business is good. Bo and I are praying about taking his business to another level. We both feel we have a green light so we have started planning little things here and there. Please keep that in prayer. Neither one of us wants to move without our Lord.

Oh, Matthew had his stitches taken out ... by himself. I mean, he took them out himself. LOL Well, they (the doctors) wanted another $50.00 co-pay. So, Bo showed Matthew how to snip the one part and pull it out. So he did it to all 6. His foot looks very well.

We also went to the annual Christmas parade for our city. I believe this is our 6 year. I love our family traditions. What makes my heart warm is that the boys love the traditions too. We all become so excited. It's wonderful.

Well, now I really think that is it.

I pray for peace in every one's home this glorious season. I pray for security, meaning phyiscally, financially, emotionally and spiritually, in every one's home. I bless you all in Jesus' name. Amen!

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