*forgive me in advance ... my spell checker is not working!*

Today I feel blah. Today I feel like I am sitting on a fence. I can either choose to be cheerful and full of grace or I can choose to be quiet, pouting and grouchy.

Which will I choose?

I have had a great week. Honestly, Bo and I have had some great talks and gained a strong holding on our foundation. The boys have been a lot calmer with one another. Not so much school work ... but that is another issue.

We found one of our favorite T.V. shows that was cancelled last year. Well, the Discovery channel is re-running season one. So that is awesome. Especially since we caught it towards season two a couple years ago.

My van was up for an oil change. How is that great, you ask. Well, it was a free one! :) Buy four get the fifth one free. ;) So we had the tires rotated. Always a good thing.

Work is coming in again. Glory!! Let me clarify ... homeowner work is coming in. See, contractor work you have to wait on your money. Typically. Homeowner work, however, pays you when you are done.

God has answered a huge prayer for my mom. Within a month she will be on her way to financial security. God is so amazing and His timing is perfect. PERFECT!

Grandpa in Richmond remembered Matthew's birthday on his own. Bless his heart! (wink, wink Lori)

Our mortage is paid every month. All our bills are paid every month. Glory to God! Thank you Bo for your hard work.

My house is always presentable to company. ;)

We do need haircuts but I'm calling our youth pastor's wife later today. She cuts our hair for next to nothing. Not only that but she is in her early to mid-20s. So she is hip and with it. She encourages me to go bold but has no problem cutting my hair the same way ... every 2 or so months. LOL Although she is no Sarah! Can I get a witness Bree?!

I have a dear friend, we have been friends for about 16 years! She is not saved and her almost 10 year old kid is having some problems. God gave me such a burden for them about 6 years ago. Somethings have come up and I know God is wanting me to talk to her. I'm a bit cautious. However, I know what I have heard and I will be obedient.

I have another great friend who is a lot of miles away. We don't even share a coast! :( I miss her terribly. I am blessed though because I know she is no further then a phone call away.

God is truly an amazing God.

Oh! I almost forgot! A new book that was just published by Mindy Starns Clark came out. Well, my beloved library order it and not only that! But I caught it before it hit the shelf. And, not only that! I was able to put a hold on it! Not only that but! I just received an email from my beloved library! It's here!!
*sorry for all the grammar and puncuation silliness! :) I'm just so excited!*

Well, I'm off to switch out the laundry and clean up the downstairs. I pray you are having a great day.

Oh and to answer my question ...

I'm choosing to hop off this fence! I'm landing in the yard of cheerfullness and grace! Will I see you there?


bree said...

awesome! What a great picture- hopping off with joy! love it!
Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you Terri - I've missed ya! press on, sister!

Anonymous said...

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