Today ...

I have no real reason for writing other than I just want to write. I should be getting ready for bed but I'm not. I really need to run up to Walgreens for David's medicine but I'm not. I will do both though and soon.

I actually have some prayer concerns to pass along to y'all.
There is no order to them really. Just some troubled spirit ramblings ...

Pray for my little boy David. He has developed a new symptom with his disease. Well, let me clarify, not a new symptom but a symptom that is showing us that his body is growing faster again. I know God is healing him and I totally trust the Lord. There is just a comfort in knowing that there are a lot of people laying him before the Throne. I should have the lab results in about three weeks. We are looking for normal blood work and his bone age to be around 9 years old. Well, that is what my 'mama' self is thinking. However, I want God to move and I have learned not to presume anything.

Pray for me. I have been in a funk lately. When I say funk I mean depression, confusion, low self-esteem, etc. Just an attack I know. Please stand with me. :) My sweet friend and I are starting a prayer group of just the two of us. :) Our plans are to meet once a month and pray for our families and other things. My desire is that God will show up and move mightily. I have no other expectation. When I let my mind wander I quickly grab hold and surrender them to Christ. I don't want this to be anything other then His desire for our meetings.

I guess that is it. My heart feels a hundred times better just sharing it with y'all.

If you have any prayer requests and do not feel comfortable leaving them in the comment section, feel free to email me. You can find the address at the side bar. Nope it won't link up. I messed something up with my widgits and well, something’s I can't figure out. It's all good though. :)
God Bless!


Lori :) said...

I was with you in that funk last week girl! Sunday - I got out . . . .ALLLL day!!! :) It felt good! A prophetic class in the morning, a "shower" for a friend bringing home her 6 year old from China soon, and then back to church for worship and the annual church meeting (the HS was there!). Just being back in HIS presence (with others) was so refreshing. I was caught in a nasty attack this week too . . . so - I'm gonna pray you out too! :) You KNOW why we are under attack though??? Man - and we are just planning 1 day a month! Maybe we SHOULD make it more often. :)
Love you!
Don't believe the lies! YOU are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! :)

bree said...

love ya- I'm there with you...praying.

longge said...

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