The big 0-7!

*picture taken at his "surprise" party at our co-op. Maricar you are awesome! Thank you!*
My baby boy, my Tookie Bear, my youngest son is 7 today. Where has the time gone? Ryan brings so much joy and adventure to my life. He is so smart and funny. I love that he is carefree. It has been such a wonderful experience watching him grow. I remember when he was three he was riding a two-wheeler ... no training wheels. I remember it took him forever to be potty trained. I remember his first trip to Busch Gardens. He was so unbelievably on cloud 9 when he road his first roller coaster. Every day he amazes me. He is so independent. God has big plans for my Ryan. I am honored to be his mom and to labor (in love and prayer) over his precious little life.

Happy 7th Birthday Ryan!


bree said...

Oh Wow! Happy 7th b-day to your baby:) Where does the time go?!
Big hugs from us:)
Praying with you sweet friend, with love, me

Maricar said...

It was my pleasure to add a little surprise (well, trying to surprise) to Ryan's special day. You caught me on a good day! :)