The Boss' Daughter

Tonight I went to our accountant's office to pick up some paperwork. It was after hours so I had to use my key. My van was the only vehicle in the parking lot which made me a little uneasy. The place was very quiet. I quickly walked past the stairs, glancing just a little. As I walked down the hallway I remembered how I use to go into such quiet buildings with my dad. He owned a cleaning company. So often we would be in a building late at night checking on his workers. Some builders were owned by special clients so he would clean them by himself. I was never scared when I was with him. If I heard a strange noise it didn't matter. If I went into a dark office it was no problem. As I picked up the envelopes I thought about why I was so skittish tonight. My first thought was "Well, I now know how dangerous the world is." I know that people make bad decisions and I could be caught in the middle. But then I heard God whisper this to me. He said "You were never frightened because you were the boss' daughter." I smiled to myself. He's right. I walked out of the dark, quiet building with my head held high and no fear in my heart because I am the Boss' daughter. I'm God's daughter. I have a right to be here, to be here in this world.
He is always with me and I shall not fear.


bree said...

I love this:)

Anonymous said...

I loved this!!!