my Beloved

Today is my Beloved's birthday. This is the 11th birthday that we have shared together. I'm honored.

It was just after midnight last night when we went to bed. I looked at the time, snuggled up to him and in my best southern draw said "Happy berday Sweetheart. Ur til as perty as the day I marred ewe."

Well, it was funny to us. :)

Bo, you are an amazing man. I am so blessed to have spent all these birthdays with you. I pray that God allows me to spend a million more. I thank God for you every day. We've had some pretty bad storms in our life but I wouldn't want any one else to share my umbrella. You are sexy, funny, kind, sweet, smart, hardworking, bull headed (or wait, that's me), handsome, really the list goes on. You are the first person I think about in the morning, the last on my mind at night, the man I dream about, and the one I share my heart with.
Happy 32nd Birthday!

I'm sorry your bike wasn't back from Danny's. I know you would have loved to have been riding tonight. Soon Babe, soon.


Anonymous said...

You guys are YOUNG!
Hope he read the sweet words you wrote.
Thanks for the encouragement on my blog...you are a faithful blog friend!
We start school Monday - I'll admit I'm a wee bit anxious with having an 8th grader this year (yikes) but I am counting on that "nectar" - the WORD - to strengthen me each day. I plan to dive head first and stay there! :)

bree said...

(so sweet terri- I thank the Lord for you guys and your testimonies!)
Love ya guys!

Anonymous said...

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