I'm average and I am okay with it.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Well, I would have been an average housewife in the 1930s. I'm okay with it! LOL You can also have your hubby take the test. I wonder how Bo will do. I'll let you know if/when he takes it.


Anonymous said...

I scored an 87! LOL!
I'm gonna have hubby take it - let me know what Bo scores!
Hope you are doing well -
School is GREAT here!
Blessings, Lisa

Sarah A. said...

I scored a 67- Superior. I am truly shocked. Perhaps I would have scored higher if I didn't admit to putting my cold feet on him when I get into bed.

Terri said...

Hey, I put the same thing Sarah. I was hoping that gave me the push over the 50s!