What in the world?!

I received an email a few days ago from Blogger that said my site was blocked. Not only that but it would be deleted in 20 days! I had to request to have my blog reviewed. I didn't trust the email so when I checked out my Dashboard, sure enough, it was blocked.

The reason it was blocked was for spam. Apparently Blogger has a program that scans all the blogs for spam. The computer program flagged my blog. So it put a hold on it until I requested the review or 20 days pass in which case it would be deleted.

So I requested the review. What Blogger does is have a real person click on the blog and check it out. If that person finds no spam or other things that are in violation of the Terms of Service then they unlock it.

So, here I am. Unlocked! :) At first I was a bit upset. I thought that my blog would be deleted. Then I thought what if God is using this blog to touch that person. Wouldn't that be cool? Talk about a Divine appointment.

Well, that's it. I was going to post about football (with pics) but I was blocked and I forgot to get pics at the first couple of practices. LOL This week I should have something.

It's crunch time around here. I want the boys' rooms, my closet, the toy closet, and our homeschool closet cleaned out well. I want to have the placement tests done (for the new curriculum I've chosen, more to come on that). I also want to finish a few good books. All before school starting which is going to be September 2. I have already discussed it with the boys. They think it's cool that their first football game is before school starting. I do too. :) I'm a sucker for the boys playing it.

Till tomorrow or the next day ...


bree said...

isn't that something...we should keep that person who read it in prayer.

Sarah A. said...

I was wondering about that! I keep checking it, and I thought you had switched back to just one blog...