a bit of catch up

We have been doing so well with school which is why I haven't been posting! A well worth trade off.

I wanted to catch y'all up on football. LOL Yes, it is important you know what is going on!

Okay, this Saturday is game 4. Season is almost over. I am a bit sad, honestly. What happened to games 2 and 3 ... well, let me explain.

Game 2 was cancelled because of Hurricane Hanna. Who, by the way, didn't bother to really show up. Yeah, the wind blow and we did get some showers but that was it. Oh well. We spent the day steam cleaning our carpet and having our monthly fight night. So all was not lost. The make-up game will be November 1. I tell ya what, we were sooo looking forward to it. It's a game between our city's two teams! The other team took out an ad in our newspaper saying things like "They (the Knights) think they can set up in our city and beat us! We're playing for territory!" So needless to say we were fired up.

The third game was hot! It was the hottest day so far in September. Oh well. That's the price ya pay. Matthew's team won 20-0! They were so excited. Matthew made some great plays. It was wonderful. David's team suffered their first loss. The score was 21-6. It was sad. Ryan's team won too! Their score was 21-7. We found out at the last game that Ryan's first game was messed up. The refs were using flag football rules. Poor little guys. So now we know when things/penalties don't seem right we are going to ask the refs what rules they are using.

Okay so Junior Pee Wee (JPW) is 1-1
Mitey Mite 1 (MM1) is 1-1
Tiney Mite 1 (TM1) is 1-0-1 or 2-0 if you don't count the first game as a tie but win because the TM team actually scored a touch down but the REFS(!) took those points away.

This week the temp is suppose to be around 75*. I'm very happy. Matthew's team is having a pool party after their game. I'm taking M so that Bo won't miss R's game. He missed the first one. If it wouldn't have been a pool party I would have just sent M on his own. But a pool? Too risky for us. M and I should get back in time to watch D's game.

Okay, so now you know. :)


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