No pics :(

Well I totally forgot to take pictures of the boys' games. However, here is the run down.

We had to have Matthew on the field at noon for his 1:30 game. It was the hottest day of August this year. There was no shade except for under the bleachers. We had plenty of water and sunscreen. Both David and Ryan were also dressed out because David's game was at 3:30 on the same field. He had to report to his coaches at 2. Ryan's game was on another field, in a different city, at 4:15. He had to be on field at 3. So, yes I missed half of M's game and all of D's. But it's okay. We worked it all out last year so we are used to some games this way.

Thank God for cell phones.

Matthew's team was strong. They kept the offence from scoring but so did the other team. There were a few minutes left in the game when out of nowhere the other team scored 3 touch downs!! We couldn't believe it. Final 21-0 Saints

I had to leave half-time of M's game to get R to his game. We have to be on the field early for weigh-ins and warm up.

Here is the report from D's team. The score was 0-0 until the fourth quarter. During the third quarter it poured the rain. Which, in case you didn't know, FOOTBALL PLAYERS PLAY IN THE RAIN! So everyone was so excited. The final score 13-7! Knights

R's game was a bit cooler. Plus I found shade. :) He had a couple of awesome tackles. He also ran the ball far down the field. He can't wait to get his stickers. The coach is giving stickers out to the kids that make great plays. He'll get a few cross bones for the tackles and a couple of footballs for running it. Final 0-0

I'm very proud of them. Our family enjoys football so much. I must tell you that my chest swells with pride when other coaches, from other teams, know who my boys are. It makes my kids' chest swell up when the other coaches from opposing teams know their names.

All three boys play on both sides of the ball.

Well, there is the update! I'm sorry I didn't have pics. This Saturday they are all on the same field so no running around. I will try to get some great pictures. I don't have a camera that zooms in though. :( But if the boys are featured on the website I will link you up!


Maricar said...

Football fun has begun! You're such a good, proud mama!

We start soccer chaos this weekend.

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