Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

In about two hours we will be heading out to South Carolina. Matthew's team is facing the St. John Crusaders from Northern Alabama for the final play off before Regionals! If we win this then we are heading to the Regional Championship games!

We are beyond excited!!

The league is paying for our hotel. How awesome is that?! A full tank of gas is only $31. How awesome is that?! The hotel is going to serve us a full southern buffet breakfast for like 5 bucks a person. How awesome is that?!

I am so proud of Matthew and his team. They have worked so hard.

Please keep all the Junior Pee Wee (JPW) players from both teams in your prayers. No injuries!
Also keep the parents in your prayers. No heart attacks!
Lots of prayers too for travel mercies. No wrecks or break downs.

It's about a seven hour drive. The game is early Saturday so we will be driving back. We have a late check out which is very cool. M will be able to shower and change before we head home.

I feel like I'm the mom of some NFL player. It's so sweet. Get this, when we arrive we are to have the "Front Desk" notify Coach that "Matt L ..." has arrived. Isn't that cool? LOL

The five of us are jumping out of our skin with excitement.

I will let you guys know, win or lose, how it goes some time on Sunday.


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