I feel blessed today

Today is a good day. The weather is beautiful. I've have a check to collect. Still have almost a full tank of gas. My family is getting over this little cold/flu bug. Tomorrow we have a Christmas party with our co-op. Today I have enough money in the account to purchase the treats needed for the party. Bo and I are getting on the same page with our spiritual walk. I picked up the Dave Ramsey book from the library yesterday. I found a missing library book yesterday. Only charged 45 cents. :) My garden is cleaned out. No more dead leaves. I pruned my bush and other plants on Saturday. So today I'm heading to Home Depot with the boys to pick up some Mums and other fall/winter plants. Just about $10 worth. Laundry is not only done but put away! I know, that right there has me shouting Glory! The boys have kept their rooms clean by their own choice for about a week now. Another Glory moment. God is speaking to me so much during my Meek and Quiet study. I'm using a 30 day pray for you child thing and I started saying the prayers like the Twelve Days of Christmas. I know it is blessing my boys but I tell y'all something, by the time I get to the fourth or fifth day something just rises up in my spirit. I walk away feeling as if I have just battled against Satan. Which, of course, I have. But you know what I'm saying. I figured out a block schedule for our school day. I think it's going to work very well. Of course it feels foreign today but give it a few weeks and I believe we'll be rolling. Well, for now that is about it. I told the boys we would leave at a certain time. I should keep my word. :)

Meditate on all the wonderful works of our Lord today!! Have fun and make a list.

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