Just blessed my heart

For the past five days my husband has been cleaning the kitchen. No real reason, he just wants to bless me. Since I'm an act of service kind of girl he felt this would really knock my socks off.

It has! :)

Today something was said that just tickled me so much. Every time I think about it I crack up.

After church today Bo was going to cook out on the grill. Our kitchen was a mess from last night's fight night and today's breakfast. Bo stood at the counter getting the hamburger patties ready when he looked up at me. He had such a sincere looking face.

He said "Man, I am tired of cleaning this kitchen every day!"

Me: giggle

Bo: "Everyday I have to completely clean this kitchen. Boys, you better start treating your Mama right."

Me: Full out laughter.


bree said...

love it!!!

Lori :) said...

:) hee,hee. Don't you just love it when they feel your pain?! :)