My youngest boy

On Wednesday my youngest son turned 8.

It's hard to believe that eight years ago I came home with my third son. I remember being so confident that I would know what to do. I would know his cries, know when he would start to smile, sleep through the night, start to crawl and walk. All those things that you know because you have had some boys before.

Boy was I wrong! Ryan is his own man. He has an independent streak that boils my blood some times. However I know that God has made him this way for His purpose. Ryan is not a follower. If he is going to do it, it will be because he wanted to do it.

I really do admire how he will weigh the consequences of his actions and well, often times do it anyway. As a mother that is frustrating but that is Ryan. I love that about him. I just can't tell him that yet. :)

I have seen Ryan grow and mature over this past year. It is always so wonderful to see.

Ryan is such a compassionate boy. I've seen him walk up to homeless men and give them the pennies in his pocket. He can't wait until he can have a checking account so he can use his debit card to give money to the SPCA. Isn't that cute? He is a giver and I admire that about him. He never thinks twice about it.

What a kid!!

Happy 8th birthday Ryan! I love you.

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